Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 Simple & Unique DIY Advent Calendars

I know it's already December 4th (I know, I'm a late-starter, sorry lol) but there's still plenty of time to do an advent calendar for the rest of the days until Christmas or pin this post for next year.

I've compiled a list of the cutest and most unique DIY Advent Calendars I could find.

1. Geometric Tree Advent Calendar
By Diana Stainton of Pygmy Cloud

This calendar has little numbered trees that you can fill with small toys or candy.

 photo etsy_advent.jpg

Click Here for Instructions

2. Printable Advent Activities Calendar
By Sarah of My Joy-Filled Life

This calendar features fun daily activities like "Make paper snowflakes" & "Have a picnic dinner by the light of the Christmas tree". Plus, it has blank cards that you can use to create your own family fun.

 photo advent02.jpg

Click Here for Instructions

3. Poppable Balloon Advent Calendar
By Ama of Ohoh Blog

This is a simple calendar using some balloons with a few pieces of candy inside. You could also try using red and green balloons or use markers to decorate the balloons.

 photo advent03.jpg

Click Here for Instructions

4. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Calendar
By Erlend of Morning Creativity

If you have some empty toilet paper rolls lying around, you could try making this calendar. Punch through the paper on the front to find what treasures are inside.

 photo advent04.jpg 

Click Here for Instructions

5. Photo Advent Calendar
By Jessica of Two Shades of Pink

The envelopes of this special advent calendar can contain whatever photo memories you wish.

 photo advent05.jpg

Click Here for Instructions

6. Take-Out Box Advent Calendar
By Kelly of Studio DIY

This advent calendar is cute, colorful and easy to make!

 photo advent06.jpg

Click Here for Instructions

I could probably find a hundred more great ideas to list but my children are getting restless in the other room! Have fun making your advent calendars.

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