Sunday, November 24, 2013

What does it mean to be a Jersey Mom?

Probably not what you think. If the word "Jersey" instantly makes you think of mobsters or a bunch of drunk 20 year-olds acting stupid with too much crap in their hair at the boardwalk, you haven't seen the whole story. My hair is not 3 inches off of my head, at least not since the 90s. I don't have a tan that I work on year round at the tanning salon. Actually, I hardly tan at all. I mostly have freckles. I don't have to pump my own gas, which is pretty sweet, but I'm pretty sure I could figure it out if I needed to. I'm quite intelligent and I don't hang out in clubs. I don't even know any mobsters. I have lived my whole life about 15 mins from the beach but I never go. I'd rather go to the pool instead of the beach. I love my kids more than anything. I let them be kids. I don't dress them inappropriately. We go to parks and take walks and do craft projects. What I'm trying to say, is that we're probably not very different from you and your family so don't let what you see on TV give you the wrong impression. :)

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  1. I completely agree! I remember when I was 20 (4 yrs ago) I always thought Jersey= Party and fist pumps